Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jay-Z Biting on "Death of Auto-Tune"

First off let me state I am not a Jay-Z hater I respect what he has done for Hip Hop (Reasonable Doubt is one of my favorites) but the fact can not be denied that Jay-Z is officialy a biter. In Hip Hop to take someone else's rhyme is called biting and is looked at or was looked at like a cardinal sin. It is one of the lowest most pathetic things you can do as an MC especially when you don't give credit to where the rhyme originally came from. Now Jay-Z has been known to "borrow" ryhmes from other greats like Tu Pac and E-40 just as there has been a trend in Hip Hop where other rappers take rhymes from other rappers but usually as a hommage but let me explain why this case is a little bit deeper and more serious then that. I was blazing an l surfing the web when I had come across an old Biggie wake-up show freestyle where Biggie kills it like he always does. Then I remember hearing some of Biggie's freestyle rhymes in Jay's new track that got the net going crazy off of the Blueprint 3 album Death of Auto-Tune. Jay-Z bites B.I.G. when he spits "stop your blood clot crying/the kid the dog everybody dying/no lying" but listen to it for yourself.

This is the BIG WAKE UP SHOW FREESTYLE Video. The actual freestyle is during the end after the interview:

Now click here to listen to Jay-Z biting on the secong verse of Death of Autotunes

Some may argue that now rappers take ryhmes from other rappers all the time which is true but this was un heard of ten years ago. And am not for it or against it for me it all depends on the situation but the reason why I think this is straight up bitting and not giving credit where credit is do is because in my opinion it was some random freestyle and it just felt more on some mc slacker shit then a homage to Biggie. But hey you come to your own conclusion. One Love much respect and legalize me.


  1. Lets talk about facts Jay-z was biggie boy if you listen to big albums he shoutouts out jay in most of his songs big was on jay 1st album they was boys plan a simple even in jay said "i say a big verse to big up my brother". i hate shit like this cuz everyone gets at jay neva little wayne jim jone camron anybody.

  2. LOL not a major jay fan but...this was weak i think any jay or big fan knew that line...